The Private Investments team of PSP Partners, comprised of PSP Capital and PSP Growth, makes direct investments in operating companies.  As a strategic partner with a deep network and long-term, significant capital base, our mission is to build and grow market-leading businesses and maximize shareholder value in close collaboration with entrepreneurs, business owners, and management teams.  

As business builders, we know that exceptional organizations are built through constant focus on all stakeholders and maximizing long-term value. As a strategic partner, we provide flexible capital, a deep network of resources, and a commitment to building world-class businesses. We have a strong belief that companies should not be constrained by mandated investment exits, capital limitations, and short-term focus often employed by private equity firms.


Core Values: Integrity, discretion and candor.

Our Approach: We are patient, flexible and solutions-oriented partners, with a profound appreciation for preserving strong cultures and aligning interests with valued partners to build shareholder value.

Our Partners: Like-minded, dynamic management teams, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our Process: Straightforward and efficient, with no outside approvals required.



PSP Capital is focused on buyouts and investments in mature, later-stage businesses. We invest flexible, patient capital with a focus on three sectors:

  • Business Services
  • High-Value Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Food/Consumer

PSP Growth is focused on venture and growth equity investments in early-stage and high-growth businesses. With flexibility to scale our investments based on size and stage of the company, we take a theme-driven approach to investing in high-growth software and tech-enabled services companies that enable business efficiency and disrupt the status quo. 


We are committed partners, with our principals having over a century of combined experience investing in, owning and building global businesses. We have a profound appreciation for discretion, preserving strong cultures and aligning interests with our valued partners.