Category: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Conversation with Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO, OpenSpace

Penny interviews Jeevan Kalanithi, a co-founder and CEO of OpenSpace, a leading AI technology company on a mission to bring innovation, transparency, and objectivity to construction and real estate.

Conversation with Ken Chenault, CEO, General Catalyst

Penny interviews Ken Chenault, chairman and managing director of General Catalyst, a venture capital firm with an incredible track record of investing in fast growing companies. Ken was also the longtime chairman and CEO of American Express, where he became known for thoughtful and effective leadership in times of crisis.

Conversation with Samir Bodas, CEO, Icertis

Penny interviews Samir Bodas, CEO and Co-Founder of Icertis which is an incredibly innovative technology company that is addressing a critical business priority – contract intelligence.