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PSP Growth

A passion for building innovative,
market-leading technology businesses.


PSP Growth is the venture capital arm of PSP Partners primarily focused on investments into earlier-stage, high-growth B2B software technology companies that enable efficiency and disrupt the status quo.

Why PSP Growth is the right partner

Our firm has decades of experience building and growing companies across a wide number of industries, from start-ups to public entities. This experience, coupled with an extensive global network, provides PSP Growth with unique insights and access, as well a global vantage point that we offer to entrepreneurs as they create and construct lasting, profitable enterprises.

Passion & Purpose
  • Passion for investing in growth, innovation, and job creation
  • Demonstrated track record of building market-leading businesses
  • Family business with values-based culture
Speed, certainty, & conviction
  • We move quickly and deliver on our promises
  • Deep sector expertise and focus
  • Patience and flexibility from a single source of capital
We amplify growth & connectivity
  • Unique, extensive, and accessible global network
  • Value creation plans catered to distinct business needs
  • High-impact resources to support growth and optimization

Our investment criteria: B2B software

We primarily invest across multiple thematic areas within business-to-business software. Investing in software gives us the flexibility to reach across all segments of the economy where we see opportunities for disruption and where we have history, expertise, and relationships that can amplify the growth and trajectory of a business.

  • Initial Investment: $1-5 million alongside leading venture capital
    firms and partners where we believe our network and capabilities can amplify an already strong syndicate
  • Follow-on Investments: up to $25 million in subsequent rounds, typically after a business has reached >$15 million ARR
  • PSP Growth was founded in 2017 with a long-term commitment to the innovation economy leveraging our permanent capital base
  • We invest with bold entrepreneurs and teams who are disrupting the status quo, enabling greater efficiency and insights, and ultimately unlocking value
  • In addition to helping our businesses amplify growth and connectivity, we offer entrepreneurs and leadership teams a unique vantage point as they aim to build more complex, lasting businesses

Thematic focus

We focus on B2B software companies that drive efficiency and disrupt the status quo, digitizing areas of the economy that had traditionally been offline, manual, and inefficient. Most of our investments fall primarily into two key areas of innovation.


Data volume, computing power, and machine
learning/predictive analytics have enriched
decision optimization and process automation,
while requirements for transparency and
accountability with respect to data protection
continue to grow


Long-established business processes are being
disrupted and enhanced via software,
marketing/networks, IoT devices, and other
tech-enabled services


Our PSP Growth team

Our principals possess over a century of combined experience investing in, owning, and
building global businesses. It makes us committed partners with a profound appreciation for
discretion, preserving strong cultures, and aligning interests with our valued partners.

PSP Capital / PSP Growth
Senior Associate
PSP Growth
Administrative Coordinator
PSP Capital / PSP Growth
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PSP Capital / PSP Growth
Managing Director
PSP Growth
PSP Capital / PSP Growth
PSP Capital / PSP Growth

Our focus

We invest in buyouts and recapitalizations of established, market-leading businesses with a focus on two sectors where we possess highly relevant experience and relationships: (i) advanced industrials and (ii) business and technology services.

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We invest in earlier-stage, high-growth B2B software technology companies that enable efficiency and disrupt the status quo.

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We are a long-term real estate investment manager for family office and institutional capital with a current portfolio of over $2 billion of acquired and developed multifamily and industrial assets.

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