The Funds & Partnerships Group invests globally with best-in-breed third-party managers in all asset classes, to generate compelling after-tax returns on behalf of multiple Pritzker families and their foundations.

Our investment philosophy comes from the Pritzker family’s long history of building and operating business franchises.  We are long term investors and deeply fundamental in our orientation.

We opportunistically allocate capital to strategies and asset classes that offer the most compelling margins of safety and the greatest return potential.


We invest predominantly in the following areas:

Equity: Our orientation is global. We have extensive experience investing in both developed and emerging markets.

Private Equity: Our preference is for operationally-focused sponsors, who often are sector specialists.

Real Assets: We invest in liquid and illiquid funds in the following areas:
1)  Oil, gas, and minerals
2) Alternative energy and renewables
3) Infrastructure

Credit: We invest opportunistically in distressed corporate, sovereign and structured credit, and will evaluate select lending strategies that meet our after-tax return hurdles. We also allocate capital to high-grade taxable and municipal bonds. 

Hedge Funds: We allocate across a broad spectrum of global strategies but primarily focus on:
1) Long/short equity; and
2) Idiosyncratic non-correlated strategies



In addition to our primary investments areas, we are open to exploring the following:

  • Co-investments with trusted partners

  • Seeding deals and partnerships