Success Story: E.B. Bradley Co.

For over 90 years, E.B. Bradley Co. has been a value-added supplier to America’s designers and fabricators. From its start in 1929 as a hardware distributor in Los Angeles, E.B. Bradley Co. has grown to become the West Coast’s largest surfacing product and specialty hardware expert.

E.B. Bradley Co.

Why did we invest in E.B. Bradley Co.?


  • E.B. Bradley Co. is a market leader, having built a sterling reputation for customer service, product breadth and availability, deep technical expertise, and entrenched, strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers and brands.
  • The Company serves highly attractive end-markets and geographies with favorable long-term demand trends and growth opportunities.  
  • E.B. Bradley Co. is led by an extraordinary CEO and executive leadership team who foster a culture of continuous growth, improvement, and resilience.
How does this tie into PSP’s overall investment strategy?
  • E.B. Bradley Co. leverages our team’s expertise and history with both value-added distribution business models and residential/commercial construction end-markets. Our team’s knowledge and perspective has been bolstered by virtue of our organization’s direct relationships, network, and activities in the real estate industry, including those of Pritzker Realty Group (our dedicated in-house real estate group). The combination of these factors has positioned PSP to help E.B. Bradley Co. amplify growth and optimize its core business functions.
What is unique about the E.B. Bradley partnership with PSP and what makes it a success story?
  • PSP’s partnership with E.B. Bradley Co., which began in 2014, is built on a foundation of communication, trust, and a focus on strategic priorities for the long-term benefit of E.B. Bradley Co.’s customers, employees, and stakeholders. Over the course of this partnership, E.B. Bradley Co. has made meaningful investments in new products, physical footprint expansion, IT systems, strategic M&A, an e-commerce platform, and corporate infrastructure that have driven sustained profitable growth.  
  • PSP Capital’s intentionally concentrated portfolio has enabled our investment team to be actively engaged with, and highly responsive to, EB Bradley Co.’s high-functioning leadership team and their core strategic initiatives. For example, PSP approved and funded E.B. Bradley Co.’s highly opportunistic and successful acquisition of a regional competitor in less than one week. Such a result could not have been achieved without the trust, communication, and engagement that resides at the core of the PSP-E.B. Bradley Co. partnership.

“Since our partnership began in 2014, the team at PSP Capital has struck a perfect balance of being highly responsive and engaged partners, while also entrusting our high-functioning leadership team and organization to execute against our strategic priorities and consistently deliver excellence for our customers and stakeholders. As an example, in 2019, PSP approved and funded E.B. Bradley Co’s highly opportunistic and accretive acquisition of a regional competitor in less than one week. This could not have been achieved without the trust, communication, and engagement that resides at the core of our partnership. PSP is truly committed to amplifying our success, and backs it up with action!” 

Don Lorey / CEO, E.B. Bradley Co.