Success Story: Ntiva

Ntiva is a leading IT services company that provides businesses across the U.S. with advanced technology expertise and support, including managed IT services, strategic consulting, cybersecurity services, cloud services, and digital transformation services. Ntiva’s team of world-class talent genuinely cares about the relationships they build and understands that response and precision are fundamental keys to a successful partnership. The company’s ultimate objective is to help clients leverage their technology investments to improve business performance.

Why did we invest in Ntiva?


  • Our PSP team targeted the Managed IT Services segment within the broader Digital Transformation landscape due to the significant and growing demand among all business for sophisticated, strategic partners to fortify their IT environments and enable growth through technology
  • Ntiva is a market leader in Managed IT Services with a demonstrated track record of growth via service and geographic expansion, as well as through highly strategic acquisitions
  • Ntiva’s organizational values and focus on investing in its people and communities resonated strongly with PSP’s mission and values
How does Ntiva tie into PSP’s overall investment strategy?
  • The investment in Ntiva exemplifies PSP’s thesis-driven approach to investment identification and execution. PSP has a dedicated focus on investing in companies that will help facilitate the long-term Digital Transformation imperative faced by all businesses. Ntiva fits squarely within the Digital Transformation theme as organizations increasingly reach to best-in-class Managed IT Services providers to optimize and manage their IT environments. Additionally, Ntiva’s opportunity to continue consolidating a fragmented market through acquisitions will be enhanced by PSP’s significant base of flexible capital.
What is unique about the Ntiva partnership with PSP and what makes it a success story?
  • The PSP / Ntiva partnership is unique due to the close relationship that developed between PSP and Ntiva’s management team (particularly CEO / Founder Steven Freidkin) prior to PSP’s investment. PSP met Steven Freidkin through its extensive work in the Managed IT Services market and established a mutual relationship several months before an investment opportunity became available. This relationship facilitated an expedited investment process, as well as a high degree of strategic alignment and trust from the outset of the investment/ partnership, enabling rapid progress against organic and inorganic growth initiatives in the first year post-close. Looking ahead, PSP is excited to continue supporting these strategic growth initiatives through operational support and a significant base of flexible capital.

“We could not be more happy with the decision to partner with PSP. They have brought the deep skills of the best of breed private equity groups to Ntiva while staying true to their commitment of helping us grow with people at center stage. This is a group that understands building long lasting businesses the right way is the true currency and, because of this, we know the financial returns will come alongside it. We are excited to build a people-focused legacy we are all proud of together.”

Steve Freidkin / CEO, Ntiva