PSP Growth invests high-growth software and tech-enabled services companies that enable efficiency and disrupt the status quo.


We have flexibility to scale our investments based on need, size and stage of the company.  Our growth equity investments will vary in size (preference for $15+ million) based on the opportunity, while we will selectively make smaller investments in earlier-stage ventures.

trends & themes

Unlocking the power of data: data volume, computing power and machine learning / predictive analytics have enriched decision optimization and process automation, while requirements for transparency and accountability with respect to data protection continue to grow

Transforming and optimizing business processes: long-established business processes are being disrupted and enhanced via software, marketplaces/networks, IoT devices and other tech-enabled services

Targeted Verticals

  • Real Estate

  • Industrial Technology (Industrial SaaS, Sensors and IoT, Logistics/Supply Chain/Asset Management)

  • Marketing Technology

  • Financial Services

  • Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

  • Human Capital Management

  • Emerging Technologies


To discuss an opportunity, please contact:

Michael Oleshansky
Managing Director

Momei Qu
Vice President